Get a prototype of your idea or invention.

What is a Prototype?

A prototype is a model that represents how the final product is supposed to work and look. It simulates how something will function during the testing phase and helps develop solutions before spending time and money on building something that might not work.


You probably already have some ideas in your head about what the new product will look like, right? But a prototype is different. It’s a physical object, so you can understand how it works in real life—how it feels, whether it has flaws in its design or workflow, and many other things.


Prototypes help validate ideas—if they aren’t good enough, you modify the design before passing it to an engineering team. Engineering can develop the product based on these early designs if they are good enough.


Prototypes serve four main functions:


Representation: The prototype itself.

Precision: The level of detail.

Interactivity: The functionality, fully functional, partially functional, or view-only.

Evolution: The lifecycle of the prototype. May need to be created and improved upon, before becoming the final product.

Prototype Examples






Precision - Interaction


From the founder

I prototyped my medical device using the same strategies and planning I use when working for my clients and their ideas. A prototype is necessary for every new idea and a natural part of a new invention.


– Jerry Joseph, Co-Founder Pancreum 

How to Get a Prototype Made

Getting a prototype of your product made can be confusing and overwhelming. What if you don’t know how to create CAD drawings or don’t know how to write the specifications? Never worked with an engineer? It can be scary to even think about getting an engineering prototype. 


Our process is easy.

  1. Tell us about your project (you don’t need to upload or schematic) and discuss mechanical or electrical parts.
  2. Review for errors and materials.
  3. An engineer will start working on the prototype.
  4. You’ll get an update once the first version is ready, then you’ll get an update on each subsequent iteration until it’s perfect.




We assist inventors in engineering prototypes for all kinds of products: consumer goods, medical devices, and much more. You’ll get what you need, and if you’re not sure what type of prototype that is, we will give you the best advice possible.


Our years of experience and connections with top manufacturers mean that we know how to make a prototype that’s just as high quality as any other, without the hassle.

CAD Drawings

Prototype Design



Experienced Prototype Inventor
and Engineer - Jerry Joseph

While it is easy to say, “I’m going to make a prototype,” the truth is that it is hard to know where to get started. You have to describe everything you would want in a prototype and then find someone who can do it for you.


You look at the big companies out there and feel overwhelmed by the number of things they can do—and the mixed reviews.


I was just like you, with a big idea you want to see come to life, and you’re trying to figure out how to get it done. I did the same thing you’re doing right now. Looking for all the same things you are: reliable, trustworthy partners who could help get the prototype off the ground. And that’s when I realized that the more prominent companies weren’t going to be able to give me what I needed.


And so here we are today. My practice is the culmination of years of listening to clients and inventors and learning what they need. Getting to know people their ideas and helping them take those ideas from concept to prototype is a cornerstone of my firm.

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What Makes Our Firm Different

The Intellectual Property Attorney you hire to represent you and your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.


These are the values that guide this firm:

  • Client-Centered: Not every situation is the same, not all clients are the same. We take the time to listen, understand and make a plan based on your individual needs. 
  • End To End Support Services: We can connect our clients with anything from engineering and manufacturing advice to market testing and distribution, service far beyond a traditional intellectual property law firm.
  • Friendly, approachable attorneys: The days of the stuffy lawyer talking down to you and charging you by the hour are long gone. We are inventors and entrepreneurs just like you. Let’s talk more like old friends.
  • We don’t make you pay a fortune: Flat Rate billing is a feature of this law firm. Our philosophy is to make intellectual property services affordable and effective. It should not cost you $15k-$20k to get started with your idea. You can start today for a deposit of $275.

From the principal attorney

A good intellectual property lawyer is priceless. Without one, you’re basically out in the cold on your own. I have seen, much could go wrong for clients’ businesses and even personal finances apart from the company. Having a good lawyer is often the difference between success and failure.


– Jerry K Joseph Esq. Founding Attorney

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